Research & Development

Upholding the corporate philosophy “Dedicated to Man’s Fight against Disease and Pain,” we are tackling diseases that remain unconquered as yet, and addressing areas that are high in medical needs where patient satisfaction with current treatment is low. Our discovery research aims to identify and develop innovative and breakthrough pharmaceutical products.

Our Drug Discovery Strategy

  • Creating compounds with unique pharmacological actions by utilizing the in-house library and open innovation (compound-oriented)
  • Enhancing the disease expertise by focusing on the prioritized areas with high unmet needs
  • Creating unique and innovative new drugs by linking the unique compounds with disease expertise

Priority Areas of Drug Discovery

Based on the “compound-orient” drug discovery approach focusing on characteristic bioactive lipids and unique drug targets to produce innovative new drug candidates, we have specified four priority areas of drug discovery.

Open Innovation

ONO has been incorporating cutting-edge technologies and knowledge by actively deploying the “open innovation” strategy around the globe. Networking with world’s top-class scientists and utilizing biologics including antibodies, cells and viruses as well as conventional small-molecule drugs, we will continue directing our efforts into the future toward the creation of new drugs that bring innovation to the healthcare front line.