News Releases


Dec.19.2012 Phase III Trial of L-BLP25 (Stimuvax®) in Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Did not Meet Primary Endpoint (43.7KB)
Nov.05.2012 Announcement on Financial Results for FY2012 2Q
Oct.23.2012 Ono Enters into Collaboration Agreement with Domain Therapeutics in the Field of GPCR-Based Drug Discovery (57.0KB)
Oct.04.2012 Ono Conducts the Nation's First Microdosing Study Using Its Novel and Innovative Drug Candidate (31.9KB)
Sep.28.2012 Announcement on Annual Report 2012
Sep.03.2012 Ono and Galapagos Subsidiary BioFocus Sign Drug Discovery Agreement in the Field of CNS Disorders (74KB)
Aug.02.2012 Announcement on Financial Results for FY2012 1Q
Jul.23.2012 Carfilzomib, a proteasome inhibitor, has been granted FDA accelerated approval (101KB)
Jul.10.2012 Bristol-Myers K.K. Files for Regulatory Approval in Japan for ORENCIA® Subcutaneous Injection (abatacept [rDNA]), Rheumatoid Arthritis Agent (61.2KB)
Jul.02.2012 Clinical Trial Application submitted for Phase I study of ONO-7268MX1, peptide-cocktail vaccine for hepatocellular carcinoma (13.7KB)
Jun.22.2012 Approval for Additional Indication of "EMEND® Capsule", an Antiemetic Selective Neurokinin-1 (NK1) Receptor Antagonist, for Pediatric Patients Aged 12 and older (23.1KB)
Jun.21.2012 Voting result on Carfilzomib at FDA Oncologic Drug Advisory Committee (83.2KB)
Jun.08.2012 Announcement on Appointment of Corporate Officer (41.7KB)
Jun.04.2012 Fully Human Anti-PD-1 Antibody "ONO-4538/BMS-936558" Results from Phase 1 Study in Cancer Patients Published in New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) and Presented at Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) (94.2KB)
May.30.2012 Ono and Galapagos Subsidiary BioFocus Sign an Additional Target Discovery Agreement in the Field of Allergic Disease (106KB)
May.15.2012 Ono Enters into Drug Discovery Collaboraition with Scil Proteins for Affilin® Therapeutics (61.0KB)
May.14.2012 Results of PhaseUStudy of ONO-2745/CNS 7056, a Short-acting General Anesthetic (19.5KB)
May.9.2012 Announcement on Financial Results for FY2011
Apr.23.2012 Revisions of Consoldated Financial Forecasts (39.7KB)
Apr.17.2012 ONO-4641 Met Primary Endpoint of Phase II Study in Multiple Sclerosis Patients (20.2KB)