Ono's Efforts against the Spread of the Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19)

As of April 20, 2020

Ono’s Efforts against the Spread of the Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19)

We would like to express our deepest sympathies to all those affected by the coronavirus disease. We sincerely hope the earliest recovery from the disease and the complete end of coronavirus infection.
As a life-related pharmaceutical company, we are implementing the efforts in a stable supply of products and contribution to the R&D of therapeutic drugs. We are also taking various measures to ensure the safety and health of employees, their families, and all of our stakeholders, as well as to prevent the spread of infection.

Ono’s efforts

1.Stable supply of products

Regarding the production and supply of products in and outside of Japan, we maintain a stable supply in cooperation with our affiliated companies and business partners. For the time being, there are no problem in the production and supply of products to medical institutions.

2.Contributions to the R&D of therapeutic drugs

We have started to consider possible implementation of clinical trials with camostat mesilate (CM), an oral protease inhibitor approved for the treatment of chronic pancreatitis and postoperative reflux esophagitis. In addition, we are preparing to supply investigational drugs of CM for clinical studies based on requests from medical institutions and research organizations both in Japan and abroad.

3.Activities to provide information to healthcare workers

We refrain from visiting medical institutions. Even under the telework condition, we are shifting to develop the working system where we can provide information to healthcare workers and to collect drug safety information.

4.Measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection

  • @In principle, we continuously recommend employees to work from home, except for operations required to continue business activities, such as the production and supply of products.
  • AIn order to ensure the safety of employees who are forced to come to their offices to work, we are taking the utmost preventive measures to encourage flextime work (elimination of core time), temperature measurement twice a day, securing social distance, wearing masks, and encouraging hand washing and alcohol disinfection, etc.
  • BIn principle, business trips are prohibited regardless of whether they are in Japan or abroad.
  • CIn principle, lectures, seminars, in-house and external training, events, etc. are cancelled or postponed. If they are unavoidable, they should be carried out in the Web format.

In order to challenge toward the realization of the corporate philosophy of “Dedicated to Man’s Fight against Disease and Pain”, we all work together to ensure a stable supply of products, and continue to provide the necessary support for the treatment and early end of coronavirus infection of this situation.