Research & Development


Global Clinical Development

While our clinical development efforts are based in Japan, we have established nerve centers for clinical development within the overseas subsidiaries - Ono Pharma USA, Inc. (OPUS) and Ono Pharma UK Ltd (OPUK). Both subsidiaries are strongly pursuing overseas clinical development of our new drug candidates. To propel drug development in Asia, the Asia Development Division, established at Head Office, is making strong contributions to our global clinical development efforts embracing Asia alongside Europe and America.

Accelerated Clinical Development Framework

We are committed to promoting clinical development with enthusiasm to deliver new drugs that meet the needs of frontline healthcare as soon as possible, for the sake of patients suffering from disease throughout the world.
We have established a Translational Medicine Center that brings together the functions necessary to bridge from the adequate assessment of efficacy, safety and quality of promising new drug candidates at the basic research and nonclinical stages, to clinical development in an effort to enable quicker decision making in development and shorten the period from commencement of drug development to establishment of efficacy and safety (POC).
Clinical development plays a role in collecting data on drug efficacy and safety in humans to file with Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare applications for marketing approval for prescription drugs. To obtain marketing approval as soon as possible, we are speeding up the clinical development process by advancing mutual use of results from multinational clinical trials and other overseas studies.
In the oncology area with unmet needs remaining high, we are enhancing our development framework through the establishment of the Oncology Clinical Development Planning Department in 2013 to further concentrate on this one of our strategic areas.

Development Pipeline Progress Status