News Releases


Dec.10,2010 Results of Phase Ⅱb Study of Carfizomib were Presented at the 52nd American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting (69.0KB)
Nov.11,2010 Approval Received for Orally Disintegrating Tablet of imidafenacin (INN), a Drug for Overactive Bladder (16.9KB)
Nov.04,2010 Announcement on Acquisition of the Company's Own Shares (58.6KB)
Oct.28,2010 Ono and MSD Submit Additional Indication Application for Sitagliptin Combination Therapy with Insulin (90.9KB)
Sep.24,2010 Application Filed in Japan for an Intravenous Antiemetic Selective Neurokinin-1 (NK1) Receptor Antagonist (17.1KB)
Sep.10,2010 Application for RECALBON® Tablets 50mg/ Bonoteo® Tablets 50mg,A Monthly Oral Osteoporosis Treatment in Japan (15.5KB)
Sep.08,2010 Ono Announces Carfilzomib Development and Commercialization Agreement with Onyx Pharmaceuticals for Japan (81.5KB)
Sep.08,2010 Revisions of Consolidated Financial Forecasts (52.8KB)
Sep.01,2010 Ono Enters into License Agreement with Concordia for New Therapeutic Agent for Pancreatic Cancer (16.1KB)
Jul.29,2010 NDA Submission in Japan for Onoact® 50 for Injection, Short-Acting Selective β1 Blocker for Improvement of Image Quality of Coronary Arteries for Coronary CT Angiography (45.1KB)
Jun.24,2010 Ono and Banyu File Additional Indication Application for Type-2 Diabetes Drug Sitagliptin - Combination Therapy with α-Glucosidase Inhibitors - (344KB)
Mar.23,2010 Ono Enters into Drug Discovery Agreement on Bioactive Lipid with BioSeek (20.2KB)
Mar.01,2010 NDA Submission in Japan for rivastigmine patch,the first transdermal patch therapy to treat Alzheimer's disease (11.4KB)
Feb.04,2010 Ono to Support Relief Efforts for Haitian Earthquake Victims (9.7KB)
Jan.07,2010 Application filed for Orally Disintegrating Tablet of imidafenacin (INN),a Drug for Overactive Bladder (11.9KB)