News Releases


Dec.19,2006 Announcement of the Launch of Elaspol® 100 for Injection for Acute Lung Injury Associated with SIRS in Korea (49.1KB)
Oct.26,2006 Ono Enters into License Agreement with Sapphire Therapeutics, Inc. in Japan,Korea and Taiwan - New Drug for the Treatment of Cancer Anorexia/Cachexia - (71.1KB)
Oct.25,2006 Announcement of Approval of Additional Indications for Onoact® 50 for Injection, Short-Acting Selective β1 Blocker (93.9KB)
Oct.23,2006 Merck & Co, Inc. Announced Approval of JANUVIA™ (INN: sitagliptin),a new oral treatment of diabetes, by the US FDA (132KB)
Oct.02,2006 Announcement on Acquisition of the CompanyÂfs Own Shares (pursuant to the provision of its Articles of Incorporation in accordance with Article 165, paragraph 2 of the Corporate Law of Japan) (58.0KB)
Aug.04,2006 Revisions of the Interim and Full Year Business Forecasts for FY2006 (83.4KB)
Aug.04,2006 Investigational New Class of Oral Medication for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes, Sitagliptin (a DPP-4 inhibitor), Begins Phase III Clinical Trials in Japan (35.0KB)
Aug.01,2006 Allowance of an investigational new drug application (IND) for ONO-4538 / MDX-1106, a fully human anti-PD-1 antibody (106KB)
Jul.20,2006 Results of Phase II / III Studies of Rivastigmine Patch, the World's First Transdermal Therapy for Alzheimer's Disease, Were Presented at OCAD (184KB)
Jul.10,2006 Application Filed for the Osteoporosis Treatment ONO-5920/YM529 in Japan (73.0KB)
Jul.07,2006 Ono Entered Into Drug Discovery Agreement on Kinases with Locus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (17.3KB)
Jun.14,2006 Results of Phase III Studies of Sitagliptin, new oral treatment of diabetes, were presented by Merck & Co., Inc. at ADA (The 2nd Announcement) (120KB)
Jun.12,2006 Results of Phase III Studies of Sitagliptin, new oral treatment of diabetes,were presented by Merck & Co., Inc. at ADA (260KB)
May.15,2006 Announcement on Change of Audit Corporation (7.9KB)
May.15,2006 Introduction of Interim dividend (7.7KB)
May.15,2006 Announcement on Changes of Representative Directors and Members of the Board of Directors (57.6KB)
Apr.06,2006 Announcement on Changes of Members of the Board of Directors (51.5KB)
Mar.28,2006 Entered Into New Collaborative Research Agreement with Medarex for Antibody Product (76.9KB)
Mar.22,2006 Licensing Agreement on PDE4 Inhibitor ONO-6126 (61.2KB)
Mar.06,2006 Ono resolved increase in dividends projected for the fiscal year 2005 (ending on March 31st,2006) (137KB)