We strive to support patients and their families by sending information on diseases, treatment, and other issues.
Also, we are actively committed to various activities that contribute to local communities at our business bases around the world.

Various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities

œ Web-Based Information Dissemination

Our corporate website contains a section for patients and their families that provides information for the proper use of our key products. This section also explains common diseases including diabetes, allergic rhinitis, and Alzheimer's dementia as well as symptoms of osteoporosis and overactive bladder, the patients of which are increasing as the population ages, and therapeutic methods and things that the patients and their families should do in their daily lives in an easy-to-understand manner with diagrams and illustrations, all of which are easy for patients and their families to use.
We also have other web sources to disseminate useful information widely. We run a website specializing in dementia titled Treating Dementia with Positivity which provides comments and messages from a wide range of healthcare professionals involved in the treatment and care of people with dementia. We operate ONO Oncology (information for public and patients), a website we created with the cooperation of supervising doctors so that people can learn difficult cancer immunity concept in an easy-to-understand matter and offer a free smartphone application that provides support to patients suffering from diabetes and other lifestyle diseases.
As for the operation of the website Treating Dementia with Positivity in FY2017, we newly interviewed the representatives at 37 medical institutions and published an article that introduced their initiatives on the website. We have posted contents concerning such as rare cancer with high unmet medical needs (malignant melanoma, Hodgkin's lymphoma, and multiple myeloma) as well as lung cancer, renal cell carcinoma, head and neck cancer, and stomach cancer.


œ Initiatives for Medical Advancement

We are making efforts to meet unmet medical needs and contribute to medical advancement. In 1988, the ONO Medical Research Foundation was established with donations from ONO. The Foundation provides grants for research activities in the field of lipid metabolism disorders and also aims to promote research and treatment in that field through various projects and thereby contribute to the health and welfare of the public. The Foundation has provided research grants and scholarships every year since its establishment and gave an Osamu Hayaishi Memorial Award to one researcher, research grants to 12 researchers, and scholarships (for researches under 40 years old) to 16 researchers respectively in FY2017. In FY2017, we newly funded or continued to fund approximately 40 courses across Japan mainly on cancer, diabetes, neurological diseases, bone and motor organ diseases and other disease areas the patients of which are likely to increase rapidly as the population ages. In addition, we have supported the Japanese Biochemical Society's Osamu Hayaishi Memorial Scholarship for Study Abroad, which assists researchers who are willing to research biochemistry-related life sciences in general in studying abroad, for 10 years from FY2017, and we made a decision to support eight researchers in March 2017 and another decision to support other eight researchers in March 2018.

œ Activities to Support the Health of People

We conduct various health-related activities to provide a wide range of support for people such as patients and the families of patients. We also cooperate in holding seminars for citizens to raise awareness and provide correct information about diseases. In addition, we have been participated in Relay for Life as a part of CSR activities since FY2014. Relay for Life is a charity activity project conducted by the Japan Cancer Society and the National Action Council of Relay of Life aiming to deal with and overcome cancer. We have been actively participating in the Relay of Life events mainly at the locations where our research institutes, plants, and sales offices reside.
In the field of dementia, all our MRs who have completed the Dementia Supporters Training Program learn and put into action what they can do on a daily basis to help people with dementia and their families live with a sense of security. We produce and release on our corporate website a series of short movies titled Grandmafs World which are aimed at raising dementia awareness. In addition, we continue the Communicate & Link exhibition on the website which shows images of paintings calligraphy and other art works created by people with dementia at medical institutions. This exhibition is aimed at spreading joy to people with dementia and their families and helping medical providers gain professional fulfillment. We received 411 works from various parts of Japan for the ninth exhibition held in FY2017 and sent comments handwritten by the selection committee members as well as a certificate of commendation to each applicant.
In March 2018, we held the Operation Slimmer and Healthier program in Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture, as held previously in Aizu Misato Town, Fukushima Prefecture in March 2015, in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture in March 2016, and in Ofunato City, Iwate Prefecture in April 2017 as a Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction assistance activity. With the cooperation of top athletes and specialists in lifestyle disease, the program addressed childhood obesity, a social issue in the earthquake-affected areas. This project provides an opportunity for children and their parents to consider diet and lifestyle habit through sports. We will continue being involved in activities that help people keep healthy.

œEfforts made for childrenfs education

We are proactively engaged in activities to support the development of children, who will be responsible for the future. The classes we have continued to provide at schools (targeting junior high school students and high school students) focusing on dementia are the effort we make to have children consider dementia as common matter and acquire correct knowledge through viewing of the dementia awareness short movie titled Grandmafs World we created and lectures by specialists. We started the event in May 2014, and more than 1,400 junior high school students and high school students have participated by the end of March 2018.
In FY2017, we continued the activities we had done in FY2016, aiming to raise the childrenfs interest in learning science with the theme of medicine, our researchers visited Shimamoto Municipal No. 3 Elementary School (in the town where the Minase Research Institute resides) to give the sixth graders a lecture and co-sponsored an experiential learning event called Water Wonder Expedition Part 4 (sponsored by the municipalities in the vicinity of Fujiyama Plant and targeting elementary school students) aiming to have children think about the global environments, particularly the water environment.
In FY2018, we started sponsoring the performance Kokoro no Gekijo (Theater of the Heart), which was performed in Kansai and sponsored by Shiki Theater Company / Butai Geijyutu (Performing Arts) Center as a new activity. Theater of the Heart is a project to invite children (mainly elementary sixth grade students) from various regions in Japan to theaters for free and demonstrate the excitement of theater aiming to bring the most important thing‚“ for people to live, such as the importance of life, the heart to consider a person, the joy to believe each other to children's heart through the performance. We understand such philosophy and support activities.
We also donated to the project Kodomo Hon no Mori Nakanoshima (Woods of Childrenfs Book in Nakanoshima) (tentative name) that aimed to stop children being away from reading. Kodomo Hon no Mori Nakanoshima (tentative name) is a project to build a library designed by an architect Tadao Ando in the Nakanoshima Park to encourage children to develop rich creativity through books and arts/culture.

Maho wo Suteta Majorion (Majorion who Quite from Being a Witch), a family musical performed by Shiki Theater Company
Photo by Ken Arai

Water Wonder Expedition Part 4

Relationships with communities

In our role as a corporate citizen, we have each of our business sites take part in various activities to contribute to local communities such as cleanups, disaster prevention activities, and conservation of the natural environment.

œ Initiatives in the Production Division

The Fujiyama Plantfs recent activities for improving the environment involved planting trees in a nature park near the base of Mt. Fuji in May 2017 and cleaning up the areas surrounding the plant in March 2018. These events aim to boost childrenfs awareness of water and the natural environment around Mt. Fuji and to get children thinking about how they can contribute to preserving the environment.

Growing trees at the foot of Mt. Fuji

At the Joto Plant in November 2017, staff took part in the cleanup of the periphery of the plant site and the area around a neighboring elementary school as well as parks and other places as part of the Osaka Marathon Cleanup campaign organized by the Osaka Municipal Government. In January 2018, the private fire brigade of the plant joined the New Yearfs parade of private fire brigades in Higashinari Ward Osaka. It took on the role of rescuing people from collapsed houses and delivering them to the emergency team. A fair to sell bread and cookies made at work centers that support the independence of persons with disabilities is held on the second Wednesday of every month. Staff in the production division will continue to actively participate in such useful community-based social contribution activities.

The Osaka Marathon Cleanup campaign

œ Initiatives in the Discovery and Research Division

The Minase Research Institute joined the Rikyu no Mizu Conservation Society to protect the famous water source found on the premises of Minase Jingu Shrine which has been selected as one of the 100 best springs in Japan. Staff members took part in the joint cleanup activities which are organized twice a year. In addition, the private fire brigade members at the institute participated in firefighting training in a fire-prevention festival in Shimamoto-cho which is held to raise awareness of fire prevention among local residents every November as well as in the New Year parade of the firefighting brigade of Shimamoto-cho, which is organized on the second Sunday of January every year.
At the Fukui Research Institute staff took part in cleanup activities including picking up of litter around the boundary of the site on a regular basis. The private fire brigade members at the institute joined a volunteer fire brigade competition which is held every year to raise awareness of fire prevention and improve firefighting skills and conducted firefighting training. And, the gymnasium and tennis courts on the premises are opened to the public as places for communication. At the Tsukuba Research Institute employees regularly pick up litter in its neighborhood in an effort to maintain the beauty of the area.

œ Initiatives in Other Divisions

On the fourth Wednesday of every month, the Head Office holds events at which bread and cookies made by the disabled members of a social welfare organization are sold.

œ Eco-Cap Activities

The Minase Research Institute (from June 2014) and the Head Office (from July 2014) have been taking part in an gEco-caph campaign. The caps of plastic bottles are disposed of in special garbage containers near vending machines and are recycled. The proceeds from this recycling are used, for example, to buy vaccines for children in developing countries and help communities recover from earthquakes.

œ Blood Donation

Employees at the Head Office, plants, and research institutes actively donate their blood to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

œ Contribution to the Local Community in Shimamoto-cho

In an effort to promote sustainable development in harmony with local communities ONO donated dental goods to children in Shimamoto-cho Mishima-gun June 4 to 10 <Osaka Prefecture\the home of the Minase Research Institute. During Dental Health Week> 2,800 tooth-brushing kits and 400 toothbrushes produced by Bee Brand Medico Dental Co. Ltd. which is one of our affiliates were provided for four elementary schools and five kindergartens/nursery schools in the town with the hope to help realize a world without dental cavities. This initiative is implemented as an annual program with an aim to realize coexistence of the local community with the company and achieve sustainable development.