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Contributing to sustainable social development through business activities.

President, Representative Director, and CEO Gyo Sagara

Since its establishment in 1717, ONO has resolutely pushed forward in the pharmaceutical industry under the corporate philosophy “Dedicated to Man’s Fight against Disease and Pain." We continuously tackle diseases that have not been overcome, as well as the disease areas where the satisfaction level with the treatment is still low among patients and medical needs are high, so that we can develop pharmaceutical products that truly benefit patients and thereby contribute to society.

As a company that delivers pharmaceutical products, which are so crucial that the products affect the lives and quality of life of patients, we always engage with the community seriously and with sincerity and work to continuously strengthen the company-wide compliance system to ensure that we act in accordance with high ethical values, as well as to achieve strict compliance with laws and regulations.

We set the ONO PHARMACEUTICAL Codes of Conduct as the basis of our CSR management, and specify six priority areas for our CSR activities in light of the core subjects contained in ISO 26000, an international standard providing guidelines for social responsibility, to promote the activities in a cross-sectional manner. The first of these priority areas is Corporate Governance, which forms the foundation for the five remaining areas of Innovative Pharmaceutical Products, Human Resources and Human Rights, The Environment, Fair Operating Practices, and Society. We will promote activities related to these priority areas to fulfill our social responsibility to all stakeholders and contribute to the sustainable development of society.