The Environment

Recent years have witnessed the increasing impact of global warming, and battling this threat has become one of our most important collective challenges in the international society. The Paris Agreement from COP 21 sets out a global action plan to limit global warming to less than 2‹C compared to temperatures before the Industrial Revolution, with the target, for all intents and purposes, of completely halting the increase in human-generated greenhouse gases. Based on our ONO Pharmaceutical Environmental Guidelines, we have formulated a voluntary action plan under which we will strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from business activities on a company-wide basis. In this and other ways, we will fulfill our corporate social responsibility by prioritizing the environment in all business areas and by contributing to the realization of a sustainable global environment.

ONO PHARMACEUTICAL Environmental Guidelines

  • œ Aware of corporate social responsibility for the environment, we will work to protect and preserve the global environment in all of our business operations.
  • œ In addition to fully complying with all environment-related laws and regulations, we will establish targets and action plans in a continuous effort to protect and preserve the environment, including natural resources and biodiversity.
  • œ In all of our business operations we will implement environment focused measures such as saving resources and energy, conservation of water resources, recycling, reducing waste, and preventing pollution.
  • œ We will endeavor to do gMonozukurih to produce eco-friendly products, and will cooperate with society.
  • œ With the participation of every employee, we will strive to further understand environmental issues and to promote environment-related activities.