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December 24, 1999

Announcement The Twelfth (Fiscal 1999) The ONO Medical Research Foundation Grant Recipients for Research Assistance
We are very pleased to have so many applicants for the Fiscal 1999 Grants for Research Assistance.
Here, we announce that the following applicants were selected as the Grant Recipients with approval by the board. (Two million yen per recipient, total 10 grants)

Name and TitleInstitution and DepartmentProgram
Natsuo Ueda
Associate Professor
Department of Biochemistry,School of Medicine, The University of TokushimaCharacterization of a novel N-acylethanolamine hydrolase
Naomi Eguchi
Department of Molecular Behavioral Biology, Osaka Bioscience InstituteFunctional analysis by means of prostaglandin D synthase-transgenic mice
Masataka Sata
Attending Physician
Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, University of Tokyo Graduate School of MedicineInvestigations of roles of Fas ligand expression on vascular endothelial cells in pathogenesis of atherosclerosis and its application to gene therapy.
Ryuichiro Sato
Associate Professor
Department of Applied Biological Chemistry, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of TokyoMolecular cell biological studies on intracellular fate of SREBP
Jun Takeda
Laboratory of Molecular Genetics, Department of Cell Biology, Institute for Molecular and Cellular Regulation, Gunma UniversityElucidation of pathogenic mechanism of "SHP abnormal-type obesity" and molecular epidemiological studies
Shigeru Nakashima
Biochemistry, Gifu University School of MedicineRegulatory mechanisms of neuronal survival and death by lipid-mediated signaling molecules
Shunichi Nakamura
Biochemistry II, Kobe University School of MedicineRegulation of phospholipase D activity by GM2 activator
Hiroshi Nojima
Department of Molecular Genetics, Research Institute for Microbial Diseases, Osaka UniversityRole of shear stress responsive genes in development of arteriosclerosis
Hiroshi Fujii
Associate Professor
Department of Biochemistry, Niigata University School of MedicineMolecular medical analysis of the abnormalities in lipid metabolism mediated by the nuclear receptors
Toshio Miyata
Associate Professor
Internal Medicine, Tokai University School of MedicineThe Institute of Medical Sciences, Tokai UniversityAbnormal protein modification by reactive carbonyl compounds derived from carbohydrates and lipids in arteriosclerosis and its pathophysiological relevance: development of a new therapeutic agent based on ideas of carbonyl stress

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