Company News


March 6, 2000

Dividends distribution for the fiscal term ending March , 2000 (the 52nd term)
We have the pleasure to report you that the steady growth in sales of our bronchial asthma drug "Onon Capsule" and other existing products will likely bring our sales revenues as well as our operating and ordinary profits slightly beyond our initial goal.

We further launched "Onon Dry Syrup" for the treatment of pediatric asthma in January, 2000. "Onon Capsule" also acquired an approval for the additional indication of allergic rhinitis and has been on the market.

This could never have been achieved without your support and cooperation. Taking this opportunity, we wish to reiterate our sincere gratitude to you all. We plan to return the company's profits to our shareholders by proposing an increase in cash dividend distribution (including extra dividend) as follows at the 52nd regular shareholders' meeting scheduled to be held toward the end of June, 2000.

As always, we thank you for your continued support for our management.

A proposal on dividend distribution for the fiscal term ending March, 2000 (the 52nd term) :

Per share Ordinary dividend 30 yen (an increase of 5 yen)
Extra dividend   4 yen
Total 34 yen
(For reference)
The dividend for the fiscal term ending March, 1999 (the 51st term):
Per share Ordinary dividend 25 yen
Extra dividend   5 yen
Total 30 yen
(Note) We do not offer interim dividend.