Business Development & Licensing


Vigorous Activities for Licensing Initiatives

We continuously and vigorously promote licensing activities as a potential means of expanding our development pipeline and globally marketing new drugs we develop.
We continue to forge ahead with licensing activities to take in new drug candidates with the aim of introducing compounds attactive for diseases with high therapeutic need, and compounds that have high value in terms of corporate strategy and efficiency, while taking into consideration the development pipeline and existing products. Our aim is to expand the development pipeline to provide a continuous stream of new market launches. In the oncology domain, we take advantage of our strength with OPDIVO in acquiring product candidate compounds in a wide range of areas such as molecular target drugs including antitumor drugs and cell therapies.
Meanwhile, we are working in anticipation of our own overseas marketing in the US and Europe. We also have departments in charge of licensing activities keenly out-licensing discovered compounds to our partners upon examining optimum measures to deliver our new in-house developed drugs to patients worldwide as quickly as possible, in light of proposed indication and market size.

In-License Agreements

  • −ONO Concludes a License Agreement with Array Biopharma related to Binimetinib, a MEK inhibitor and Encorafenib, a BRAF inhibitor ( May 2017)
  • −ONO Enters into Exclusive License Agreement with Karyopharm to Develop and Commercialize Selinexor and KPT-8602, XPO1 Inhibitors (October 2017)
  • −ONO Announces a Strategic Partnership Agreement with Repare Therapeutics for a Pol-theta Inhibitor Program (January 2019)
  • −ONO Enters into Exclusive License Agreement with Rafael Pharmaceuticals on CPI-613 (devimistat), a Cancer Metabolism Inhibitor, and Other Related Compounds (June 2019)
  • −ONO and Forty Seven, Inc. Sign a License Agreement to Develop, Manufacture and Commercialize 5F9 in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Other Selected Countries in Southeast Asia (July 2019)

Out-License Agreements

  • −ONO Enters Licensing Agreement with Santen for ONO-9054, FP/EP3 Dual Receptor Agonist (March 2016)
  • −ONO Enters into License Agreement with Bristol-Myers Squibb for Prostaglandin E2 Receptor Antagonists relating to Immuno-Oncology Programs (December 2017)