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Discovery Alliances

Open Innovation

By "open innovation", we mean active utilization of worldleading technologies and the "seeds" of breakthrough drug discoveries identified at biopharmaceutical companies as well as academic and research institutions across the globe. Even before this term came into use, we have long been driving drug discovery through the adoption of world-leading technologies.
We are engaged in drug discovery collaborations with Array BioPharma Inc., Locus Pharmaceuticals, Inc., BioSeek LLC and Receptos Inc. of the USA, as well as Xention Limited and BioFocus DPI Limited of the UK and Evotec AG of Germany. All these collaborations are ongoing in aid of drug discovery efforts for new drug candidates in the domains of inflammation, autoimmune disease, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and CNS disorders. In May 2012, we embarked on another drug discovery alliance, this time with Scil Proteins GmbH of Germany for discoveries in protein therapeutics. In addition, we have formed alliances for the discovery of new drug candidates, with BioFocus DPI Limited of the UK (September 2012) in the area of CNS disorders and with Domain Therapeutics S.A. of France (October 2012) in the area of G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCR). We have also formed numerous research collaborations with the universities and research institutions that have cutting-edge technologies.