Business Development & Licensing

Business Development

Globalizing Business

Globally, developed countries are aging and emerging countries are undergoing population growth, generating further unmet medical needs. This means that the global pharmaceutical market is set to continue its growth path. ONO is striding forward in a drive to achieve its vision of becoming a Global Specialty Pharma company in competing in the global arena.

Promotion of Global Business

We have been reinforcing overseas business expansion starting in Asia, in anticipation of our own overseas marketing of some specialty products such as anticancer drugs. Since the establishment of OPKR and OPTW, the subsidiaries have demonstrated steady progress.
In South Korea and Taiwan, the subsidiaries have received approvals for the anticancer drug OPDIVO for the treatment of several types of cancer and have commenced marketing. To significantly contribute to advancement in cancer therapy in South Korea and Taiwan, we also put efforts into safety measures by, e.g., rolling out scientific activities countrywide with Japanese and Western doctors appointed as lectures to promote proper drug use. In addition, we conduct information dissemination activities not only on a countrywide level but also on a small-scale, locally-focused level to bring a fresh sensitivity to both markets as part of efforts to become the market leader in oncology in Asia.
In the US and Europe, we focus on a market niche where we can take advantage of our strengths to narrow down drug candidates, aiming to take the first step toward carrying out our own marketing there.
We intend to build and strengthen our overseas business promotion system to become a true global company. In cooperation with medical professionals, we will continue to be committed to activities that help treat patients around the world.