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Business Development

Promotion of Global Business

While our clinical development efforts are based in Japan, we have established nerve centers for clinical development within the overseas subsidiaries: ONO PHARMA USA, INC. (OPUS) and ONO PHARMA UK LTD. (OPUK). Both subsidiaries are pursuing overseas clinical development of our new drug candidates. We also strongly contribute to clinical development efforts in Asia.
We have commenced work to build an operations base in Asia enabling us to market some specialty products such as anticancer drugs overseas. We established ONO PHARMA KOREA CO., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary of ONO in Seoul, South Korea in December 2013, and ONO PHARMA TAIWAN CO., LTD., in Taipei, Taiwan in 2014.
In South Korea, we obtained marketing approval for anticancer drug OPDIVO for melanoma in March 2015. After the launch of the drug, we will promote sales jointly under a strategic collaboration agreement with BMS. In Taiwan, we are also promoting drug development. In cooperation with medical professionals, we will continue to be committed to activities that help treatment of patients around the world.