About Ono

Mission Statement

Ono has established Vision and Values showing all employees worldwide as a guide for realizing our corporate philosophy " Dedicated to Man's Fight against Disease and Pain. "

Corporate Philosophy

Dedicated to Man's Fight against Disease and Pain

Ono's corporate philosophy engraved on the commemorative monument constructed at the Minase Research Institute.

Our corporate philosophy is engraved on the commemorative monument constructed at the Minase Research Institute which is a base for drug development.

It was in 1717 in Dosho-machi, Osaka that Ichibei Fushimiya first opened his apothecary. Since the establishment of the company, we have resolutely pushed forward in the pharmaceutical industry up to the present day and have built a history that spans almost 300 years.

These years have been a continuous challenge that we must undertake in order to battle disease and pain that affect humans. And we will continue without change, placing importance on the corporate philosophy engraved on the monument making good use of the passion to discover new and creative drugs that has been passed down over our history of around three centuries as well as the technology and know-how that we have accumulated over the years and we will work hard to develop pharmaceuticals that are useful in keeping people healthy in their daily lives while contributing to society.

Our Vision

Be passionate challengers

Our Vision is to strive with the utmost effort and strong determination to meet the challenge of combining our individual competencies to deliver new, innovative drugs to patients. We will continue being the most passionate champion in the fight against disease and pain, together with patients, their families, and healthcare providers.

Our Values

Ono aims to be a world-changing team

What we are trying to achieve is to meet a challenge that nobody has ever successfully overcome before. It is therefore vital that we bring together our greatest wisdom, heart, aspirations and power as a united team.

The greater the challenge, the more passionately
Ono will rise to meet it

We will inevitably come up against brick walls when we are facing unprecedented challenges. When we encounter such obstacles, we should unhesitatingly rise to confront them and unflinchingly persevere in applying our ingenuity to overcome them.

Ono acts with dignity and pride

We should never lose the sense of dignity and pride we feel as people working in the pharmaceutical industry. We should be the bringers of hope for all those around the world who are waiting for us to deliver solutions.