About Ono


Enhancing Product Value Through Provision and Collection of Proper Information and Through Activities that Meet Medical Needs and Community Characteristics

Drugs are of no value unless they can be used properly in those who are suffering from disease while undergoing medical treatment.
We conduct scientific information dissemination activities based on market research and analysis, not only to properly provide and collect evidence-based information but also to offer therapy options appropriate to patient needs and community characteristics.

Marketing Activities to Enhance Product Value

The Sales & Marketing Division has the Oncology Business Unit, the Primary Care Business Unit, and their respective medical representatives (MRs) develop a strategy formation based on market research that constantly ensures competitive advantage by adjusting with agility to environmental changes in each stage of the product life cycle to maximize the potential of every product we offer.
In addition, we make every effort to collect patient opinions through meetings with healthcare professionals to understand potential healthcare needs toward development of narrativebased medicine (NBM), which is based on actual clinical experiences for patients. We will make use of what has been obtained through these efforts in future information dissemination activities to enhance product value.

Information Sharing Framework Architecture

In addition to providing information, MRs uphold the importance of exchanging information with medical professionals to ascertain whether our drugs truly benefit each individual patient and their family throughout the course of the patient’s treatment. Our information-sharing framework enables our MRs to share across the company the valuable information they gather from the frontline of healthcare. We also have a system in place that allows all the MRs to access the information at all times from their tablet devices. All the MRs are equipped with highly secure smartphones. The smartphones feature a sales force automation (SFA) system that makes the entire sales process more efficient, as well as functions for using the AI-based FAQ system.
Our framework promotes information sharing and enables rapid responses to healthcare providers’ needs. In addition to the FAQ system, we use AI to continually bring efficiency to MR activities.

Relaying Up-To-Date Drug Information to Frontline of Healthcare

Pharmaceuticals and medical technology undergo daily advances. It is one of the roles of drug manufacturers to relay as quickly as possible up-to-date information about such drugs and technology to the frontline of healthcare and to provide opportunities for information exchange. We actively provide information by organizing symposiums and seminars in conjunction with academic conferences held in Japan and through workshops and lectures in regional areas. In addition, we put effort into disseminating up-to-date drug information through operating several websites for medical professionals. In FY2018, we held more than 130 live webinars. We also provide small-scale area live webinars in line with community needs to relay up-to-date drug information to the frontline of healthcare.

Prompt and Appropriate Provision of Medical and Scientific Information

Our Medical Affairs Department works to attain a high level of expertise and academic knowledge in oncology and primary care domains to assess and collect medical and scientific needs of healthcare professionals through meeting with experts or attending at advisory board meetings. In response to request from healthcare professionals, we provide such evidence-based medical and scientific information with transparency to contribute to the healthcare frontline.

Strengthening Community-Based Activities

With medical care zone initiatives for community areas proceeding toward the establishment of community-based integrated care (CBIC) systems, we propose possible improvements in the medical care (MC) systems through consultation with medical providers upon understanding of the characteristics of the healthcare provision system of each community area, so that our drugs will truly benefit each individual patient, to become a player who can carry out information dissemination activities to be appreciated by medical professionals.
In October 2018, we set up an Area Support Promotion Department by expanding its functions that respond to reconstructed MC systems and CBIC systems in local communities. With this department, we work to assess, and promote solutions to, challenges and needs of government bodies and healthcare providers on community-by-community basis. As an activity that distinguishes ONO MRs from the rest, our MRs hold table discussion meetings (TDMs) in each area. TDMs are projects where lectures are organized based on themes proposed in line with the context of local healthcare issues, providing opportunities to solve questions in daily medical care through discussion between lecturers and participants. TDMs are thoughtfully planned and orchestrated so as to contribute to local healthcare through responding to different needs of each area.

Enhancement of Training Programs

We provide on-site training at medical institutions and other places so that MRs can understand the needs of patients and their families and can deliver our products that bring true benefit to patients. We conduct field training at facilities related to dementia, diabetes, and cancer and at medical institutions specialized in dialysis thanks to agreements for this type of our training and cooperation with medical institutions.