About Ono

Management Policy

(1)Corporate philosophy and policy

The Group is "Dedicated to Man's Fight against Disease and Pain." Under this corporate philosophy, we are committed to fulfilling unmet medical needs. We aim to develop innovative new drugs that deliver true benefit to patients. We are highly aware of our responsibility as a pharmaceutical company dealing in medicinal drugs upon which human lives depend, and we are working to further strengthen our level of compliance to ensure that all our actions not only fully comply with all legal regulations but also are
based on higher ethical standards.

(2)Tackling a range of challenges for sustainable growth and realization of our philosophy

The pharmaceutical industry is faced with a progressive decline in the success rate of drug discovery. R&D costs are mounting for pharmaceutical companies worldwide. In addition public policies are intent on curtailing medical costs through reforms of the healthcare system. We are certainly facing extremely challenging times. In this context, Ono is addressing the following current challenges.

. Expanding the Development Pipeline
Vital to realizing sustained growth, we must expand our development pipeline and deliver new products to the market in a continuous stream. To that end, we must step up our drug discovery effort to develop original, breakthrough drugs using leading-edge technologies as we continue to move proactively in licensing activities to introduce attractive new drug candidates for the treatment of diseases that pose the greatest medical need, and to introduce new drug candidates that have the highest value in terms of corporate strategy and efficiency, while taking into consideration the development pipeline and existing products. We must also speed up the establishment of proof of concept for this expanded development pipeline, to lift the tempo of drug discoveries.

. Expanding Global Reach
We have no greater desire than to see the whole world use the new drugs that we created. This is why we conduct business in the global arena. We are driving clinical developments forward in Asia, as well as Europe and the USA, in addition to out-licensing to overseas partners to launch our original compounds onto overseas markets. We are therefore moving ahead to develop the personnel we anticipate for this overseas business expansion and to strengthen our overseas business locations, as required.

. Strengthening Corporate Infrastructure
We will focus our efforts on developing and bringing dynamism to our human resources for enhanced global competitiveness. We are also continuing to pursue realization of our innovation goals and to deal with all kinds of changing circumstances by strengthening internal and external collaborative ties and enhancing diversification. We are driving our corporate social responsibilities to a new level across the areas of corporate ethics, contribution to society, environmental awareness, and risk management.

(3)Basic Policy Concerning Dividends

Distribution of profits to all our shareholders is one of our key management policies, and we place great importance on the maintenance of stable dividends based on our business performance for each fiscal year.